kimber elements was launched on 11.11.11

I’m a Seattle based artist with a background in painting, printmaking, bookbinding, and sculpture. I enjoy mixing nontraditional elements and techniques to create works of art that question ideas about where comfort and beauty are found.

kimber elements is my expression of a new narrative in wearable sculpture. Tactile and textural, my pieces delicately interweave chaos and beauty in simple materials that are not traditionally used to make jewelry. My work is influenced by abstract text, repetition, simplicity in modern forms, and natural elements.

My designs are for the confident person who seeks out and selects jewelry to highlight their own sense of style. More than an accessory, my pieces embody a personal statement.

To keep my brand fresh and to be personally inspired, each element is a unique design which is only replicated eleven times. Each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted and numbered. My work is constantly evolving and changing. Check frequently for the launch of new limited editions.

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