Syntax is a limited edition element sculpted out of 16 gauge mild steel wire with silver solder, rolled paper, and sealed with beeswax. This pendant is versatile and can be worn multiple ways on the 16″ cable wire which has a clean tension clasp. For a casual look, hang the patterns in two strands for 8″ long necklace; for a dramatic and elegant look, hang the patterns in one strand for a 12″ long necklace; or any which way you like.

Just like the study of patterns of the formation of sentences from words, the syntax pendant mixes patterns of metal with text from books or colored paper. I welcome custom orders to incorporate secret messages, pages from your favorite book, or paper memorabilia. Pair them with matching syntax earrings for the full pattern effect!

Each element is a unique design which is only replicated eleven times. Each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted and numbered.

Necklace SOLD.



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