I’m an accidental metalsmith.

Eight years ago, I learned how to work with steel. I was taking welding classes in order to restore my 1967 Karmann Ghia, and to wrap my sculptural books with metal (see If blog post). While learning how to weld, I became intrigued about fine jewelry and soldering on smaller and more delicate surfaces.

This year, I’ve decided to take some time off from designing and producing jewelry in order to focus on my motorcycle project, which is restoring and turning a 1970 Honda CL175 into a cafe racer. With help from my shopmate Shawn, I’m basically stripping down the bike to remove all of the unnecessary parts; custom fabricating a tank and a seat; and rebuilding it with some modern parts (like LED lights and speedometer). When finished, the color of the bike will be raw steel. The motto for this moto is “keep it clean and simple”.

I wanted to share with you where my passion for metal started and show you the progress on my gearhead project. You won’t be able to wear it, but I’ll gladly take you for a ride.


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