catch & release

Here’s a sneak peek of the body of work I’m developing for my upcoming show at LxWxH Gallery.

Catch & Release will feature sculptural jewelry by four metalsmiths that plays expressly on the concept that jewelry can create a kind of armor, whether actual or psychological; create tension that attracts and yet repels; that might be extremely uncomfortable, impractical or impossible to wear; that is fragile yet durable; and so on.

I’m excited about incorporating my book sculpture background¬†with my jewelry while pushing the limitations of my work. The theme is giving me some fantastic parameters to work within and is inspiring. I love the element of tension and comfort and want to explore these boundaries in company with these talented metalsmiths.

The show opens March 9th in Georgetown, Seattle. See you there!

Image: Chapters ring. 1.5″x3″, mild steel and rolled paper. Includes book “case”.

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