found objects

My design process consists of hand forging and soldering steel. Since I’m not working in precious metals, I have the liberty of experimenting directly with the material. I tend to sketch with the metal and I work quite fast relying on instinct and intuition. This process tends to create some waste, as I often abandon and discard shapes if they are not quite right or perfect for replicating a piece eleven times.

For the ore element, I decided to use metal from my scrap bin which helped me work fast while giving me a boundary of limited shapes and materials. But once I dove in I discovered that my scrap bin was a bounty of great ideas and limitless options.

I can’t solder steel with resin since it will melt and the glass will crack under extreme heat. So I’m challenged to cold forming the steel (hand forging and bending without using heat). I’m excited about incorporating a new material into my work while discovering more about my process.

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